Architectural Metalwork

McNealy Brown Limited has earned an excellent reputation for the manufacture and installation of high class specialist feature staircases and balustrades in stainless steel, but also utilises glazed panels as required, or alternative materials to form a strong contrast including timber, mild steel, brass and aluminium.

All of these can used in conjunction with a variety of finishes including all types of polishing, surface applied coatings, powder coating and specialised paint systems to meet the most stringent climate conditions and achieve the required guarantees to first maintenance.

The company also operates within another niche market undertaking contracts requiring pattern making and casting, generally for renovation works many in association with English Heritage where there is a specific requirement to reinstate metalwork to the match the original designs.

Our flexible approach (see Specialist Metalwork) and design expertise, regardless of material is geared to meet designer’s aesthetic requirements whilst maintaining both Quality and the requirements of the various British Standards to meet the customer’s budget and programme.

Also included in our product portfolio are:

  • Spiral Staircases.
  • Galvanised or Painted Fire Escapes.
  • Entrance Canopies and Glazed Balustrades.
  • Walkways, Platforms, and Balconies.
  • Access Hatches, Cat / Access Ladders.
  • Ornamental Gates, Grilles and Railings.
  • Swimming Pool Accessories and Marine Grade Stainless Steel