Specialist and Shopfitting Metalwork

Since its formation McNealy Brown Limited has built a reputation for high quality fabrication in a variety of materials utilising fully coded welders and approve quality procedures to ISO 9001 : 2008, fabricating structures up to 27metres long and weighing up to and in excess of 10 tonnes operating to the high demands of Rail, Underground and Construction standards and quality requirements.

From experience gained over many years and the variety of projects completed, McNealy Brown Limited working closely with approved suppliers of the required technical and quality expertise are often able to overcome many manufacturing problems that may be associated with a project, including the introduction of alternative materials such as plastics, glass fibre, and timber into a project – or simply involve the development of production techniques to achieve the desired results.

An example of this would be the development of a welding procedure for the repair to the cast structure to the roof at Brighton Station, originally constructed in 1840 the quality of steel precluded the use of standard welding techniques required to repair and strengthen the structure. Working closely with manufacturers of both welding plant and wire together with an independent test house and consultant structural engineers, McNealy Brown were able to develop the necessary procedures to achieve the required weld strength and quality, thus producing significant programme improvements and consequently reducing costs to the client.